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Lubricant Additive Components

Lubricant Additive Components Richful is a leading manufacturer of lubricant and grease additive components. Whether you need enhanced protection, improved antiwear qualities or to improve performance in a wider range of application conditions, Richful has a full selection of components to meet your needs.

Lubricant Additive Packages

Lubricant Additive Packages Richful has high Performance Lubricant Additive Packages such as Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Additive ( HDDO ), Passenger Car Motor Oil Additives (PCMO), Automotive Gear Oil Additive and Antiwear Hydraulic Oil Additive.

Special Chemicals

Special Chemicals Richful is the largest manufacturer of Resin Color Developer used for CF of Carbonless Copying Paper in China with domestic market share 98% from 1997.