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SJ engine oil additives

  • CD Diesel Engine Oil Package

    Contact NowCD Diesel Engine Oil PackageRF6033 is diesel engine oil package.With the non-dispersant viscosity index improvers and domestic base oil, the blended single grade or multi-grade diesel engine oil meet the demands of API CD performance requirements.Read More

  • SL Gasoline Engine Oil Package

    Contact NowSL Gasoline Engine Oil PackageRF6162 is SL gasoline engine oil package.The SAE 5W / 40 5W / 30 10W / 40 gasoline engine oil prepared from RF6162 passed IVA, IIIF, VG, VIII, VIB and other engine bench test.Read More

  • CF-4 Diesel Engine Oil Package

    Contact NowCF-4 Diesel Engine Oil PackageRF6042 is diesel engine oil package.The CF-4 grade diesel engine oil blended by RF6042 has excellent soot dispersing performance, high temperature detergency, anti-oxidation/anti-corrosion performance.Read More