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Why Does Propylene Quantity Always Represents A Country’s Petrochemical Industry Level?
May 10, 2017

If the petrochemical industry level is measured by propylene, then it must be asked why it should be measured by propylene-so there is always a substance that represents a country’s petrochemical industry level.

So why can propylene represents a country’s petrochemical level

First, from the production prospect, ethylene is directly obtained by refining process, oil refining is divided into fractionation and cracking, fractionation products are mainly used in energy industry and the cracking products are used in petrochemical industry. It is known that oil is mainly composed of CH2 chain, so in order to produce the ingredients after cracking simpler, it is definitely cracked into CH2=CH2 chain. This structure is better, except for the ring material, ethylene is only the CH2 unit which is composed of a stable compound. That is to say, it is cracked into other substances, and the inevitable by-product is more complex. Therefore, from the process point of view, the ethylene must be the maximum substances in cracking products, and the by-products of methane, ethane, propylene, butadiene, C5, C9 and so on.  There is no oil refinery plant who will say that propylene is a kind of by-product.

Second, from the application point, ethylene is a very important chemical raw material, in the non-fuel organic chemical raw materials, there are only a handful of outputs comparable to ethylene, methanol(in coal industry), ethanol(in fermentation industry), acetylene(in chlor-alkali industry), propylene, butadiene, acetone, styrene, benzene, toluene, xylene(px). Well, in the direction of application, ethylene will also be more important. The more a country need ethylene, the wider is the country’s chemical industry level.

So, whenever it is as the product or as the material, it has great importance. So it can be said that propylene quantity always represents a country’s petrochemical industry level.