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Why Add Additives In Lubricating Oil?
Sep 06, 2017
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Why Add Additives in Lubricating Oil?

Lubricant base oil has the basic characteristics of the lubricating oil and some performance, but only rely on improving the lubricating oil processing technology, cannot produce the satisfactory lubricant with all kinds of performance. In order to make up some defects in lubricant and give some new fine properties to it, its have to add different additives with different functions. The additive dosage from parts per million (ppm) to several tens of percent. 

The function of additives mainly has two aspects: First, to change the physical properties of the lubricants, such as viscosity and freezing point. Second, to increase or enhance the chemical properties of lubricants, such as anti-oxygen anti-corrosion. 

The use of lubricant additives, not only meet the requirements of all kinds of new machinery and engines, and extend the service life of the lubricants, reduce the proportion of the demand of lubricants in the petroleum products.