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What’s The Relations Between The Color And Quality Of The Lubricating Grease?
Aug 28, 2017

What’s the relations between the color and quality of the lubricating grease?

Grease manufacturers use colorants only to help identify the grease, making them more noticeable than brown or black. The color can help the user find the wrong grease, for example, when a particular color of grease comes out of the oil gun and is inconsistent with the expected color.

The color of the grease also reflects its overall quality. When oil is degraded and contaminated, it usually begins to dim. This darkens, it is more obvious when it compared to the new grease, that a grease has reached the limit of the discard. Although the color of the grease should not be surprising, but the peed of being dark is an important factor.

Except operating and environmental conditions make the grease been dark, the color changed may be a sign of a grease accidental mixing of different types of grease. If that happens, action should be taken immediately to confirm how and why this happened. Careless use of wrong grease is more common than most people thought.

When the color of the grease provides the possibility of providing quality information, it is only used as a brand to indicate the type of grease (usually by the thickener type).However, remember that the color without grease is guaranteed to specify a specific thickener, even in a single lubricant manufacturer's product.