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What’s The Difference Between The #97 Gasoline And #93 Gasoline?
May 03, 2017

What’s the difference between the #97 gasoline and #93 gasoline?

The number of 97 and 93 means the octane number. Octane number refers to anti-detonating quality. 

The less the number is, the anti-detonating quality is lower. 

As for the engine, the more possibility of knockings, there will be more possibility of striking. 

What’s worse, it will make the emission quality, working stability and working efficiency lower.

The number 97 not means 97% of octane. Well it means that it is tested by 97% test methods. 

For example, when you get a gasoline sample, you need to control other conditions to increase 

the compression ratio until the generation of standard detonation intension. 

Under this compression ratio, modulate the octane and the normal heptane ratio 

until the generation of standard tension and detonation tension. 

The ratio of octane and normal heptane is the number of this gasoline.