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What Is ZDDP (Antioxidant And Inhibitor)?
Oct 12, 2017

What is ZDDP (Antioxidant and Inhibitor)? What is the meaning of production and application?

lubricating oil will always contact with air when using, therefore, oxidation of oil is inevitable. Oxidation of lubricant is one of the important reasons for oil goes bad and consumption increase.

The results of oxidation are increases the viscosity, generate acidic components、film and carbon deposition to increase the abrasion, result in the lubricating、protection and thermal conductivity and other property of lubricant are reduced.

The antioxidant properties of lubricant are related to the composition, refining method and refining depth of the base oil.

To suppress or reduce the oxidation of lubricant, To prevent or mitigate the corrosion of the oxidized product to the metal, It is necessary to add ZDDP (Antioxidant and Inhibitor) in lubricant, ZDDP also has the anti-wear effect, its a kind of multi-effect lubricant additive.