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What Is The Significance Of Lubricating Oil Additives
Aug 02, 2017

What is the significance of lubricating oil additives

The concept of a lubricant additive is to add one or more compounds in the lubricant to give the lubricant some new properties or to improve some of the properties already present in the lubricant. Additives are mainly antioxidants, antiwear agents, friction improving agents (also known as oily agents), extreme pressure additives, detergents, dispersants, foam inhibitors, anti-corrosion rust inhibitor, flow point improvement agent, viscosity index Agent and other types. The additives sold in the market are generally more than one compound of the above single additive, except that the composition of the single additive is different and the ratio of several single additives in the additive packages are different.

the significance of lubricating oil additives:

The first is the lubricating oil can make the jelly, coke and other insoluble formed after oxidized suspended in the oil, to form a stable colloidal state and not easily deposited on the components;

The second is to wash down the jelly, coke, etc. that deposited on engine parts through the detergent function in lubricating. A clean dispersant is a surface-active substance that adsorbs solid particulate contaminants in the oil and suspends the contaminants on the surface of the oil, to ensure the lubrication cycle is clean to reduce the temperature and film formation. The dispersant disperses the low temperature sludge in the oil so that it can be filtered out during the oil cycle. Clean disperse additives are their general term, it also has a washing, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion and other functions. Therefore, also known as multi-effect additives. In a certain sense, the quality of lubricating oil, the main differences are the performance to resist of high, low temperature sediment and the formation of the film, can also be said that the performance of Clean disperse additives in lubricant and the amount added, So can see the Clean disperse additives has an important impact on the quality of lubricating oils.