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What Is Synthetic Lubricant?
Sep 08, 2017

timg (12).jpgWhat is Synthetic lubricant? What is the difference between Mineral oil type lubricant and Synthetic lubricant?

Synthetic lubricant is a high molecular compound made by chemical synthesis method , and then blend or further Processing to become the Synthetic lubricant. The synthesis is divided into 6 categories: organic ester, synthetic hydrocarbon, polyether, polysiloxane (silicone oil), fluorine oil and phosphate ester.

Compared with Mineral oil type lubricants, it has the following performance:

1. High temperature performance;The Synthetic lubricant is better than Mineral oil type lubricant in the thermal stability, the thermal decomposition temperature, the flash point and the spontaneous ignition point are high, the thermal oxidation stability is good, allowing to be used at higher temperature.

2. It has excellent viscosity-temperature performance and low temperature performance.

3. Most synthetic lubricants have the higher viscosity index than Mineral oil type lubricant, and the viscosity changes with temperature are very small. When the high-temp. viscosities are same, the pour point (or solidification point) of most synthetic lubricants is lower than that of Mineral oil type lubricant, and the low temperature viscosity is small.

4. Low volatility. Synthetic lubricant is a kind of pure compound generally with a narrow boiling point and low volatility, thus it can extending the service life of oil products.

5.Excellent chemical stability. Synthetic lubricant has great use value in the national defense and chemical industry.

6. Non-flame property.

7. Good radiation resistance. Some synthetic lubricants have excellent radiation resistance.

8. Adaptability to rubber sealing element.