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What Is Pour Point、solidification Point? Showing What Performance Of Lubricants?
Sep 13, 2017
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What is pour point、solidification point? Showing what performance of lubricants?

Pour point is the minimum temperature of the cooled sample can flow under the specified test conditions. solidification point is the maximum temperature when the oil level of cooled sample no longer to move, Both expressed in ℃. It is used to measure the general index of the low temperature fluidity of lubricant, The pour point of the same oil is a few degrees higher than the solidification point, usually used solidification point in the past, but now pour point is international universal.

The pour point and solidification point too high, and the low temperature fluidity of lubricant will be poor. People can consider the transporting, storing and measures of delivery under low temperature basic on the pour point of lubricant, It can also be used to evaluate the low temperature performance of some oils.

But when evaluate the low temperature performance of multistage combustion engine oil and vehicle gear oil, The main parameters should be the low temperature kinematic viscosity, the boundary pump temperature and the groove point.