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What Is Lubrication?
Aug 30, 2017

What is lubrication? What is the function of lubricating oil?

Lubrication: a lubricant is added between the two contact surfaces of the relative motion to form a lubricating film between the two surfaces. Separate the surface of the direct contact, Change dry friction to the inside friction between Molecule structure of lubricant, to reducing friction, reducing wear and tear, prolonging the service life of the mechanical equipment purpose, namely of lubrication.


The function of lubricating oil:

1. Reduce friction: add lubricant to the friction surface to reduce friction coefficient, thus reducing friction resistance and saving energy consumption.

2. Reduce wear: lubricant between friction surface can reduce abrasive wear, surface fatigue, adhesion wear, etc.

3. Cooling action: the lubricant can absorb heat, heat transfer and heat dissipation, thus reducing the temperature rise caused by friction heat.

4. Anti-rust: there is lubricant on the friction surface to prevent corrosion caused by air, water droplets, water vapor, corrosive gases and liquids, dust and oxides.

5. Transfer power: in many cases, the lubricant has the function of transferring power, such as hydraulic transmission.

6. Sealing action: the lubricant is sealed for some exposed parts to prevent water impurities from being invaded.

7. Shock absorption: it can absorb shock energy in shock load, such as automobile shock absorption.

8. Cleaning effect: the circulation of lubricating oil can remove impurities and filter out by filter.

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