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What Is Flash Point? What Are The Significance For Production And Application?
Sep 14, 2017

The flash point measured by Cleveland open cup flash point tester is called the (COC) flash point, which is used to determine lubricating oil. The flash point measured by closed-cup flash point tester is called the (PMCC) flash point, usually used to determine kerosene, diesel oil, transformer oil and so on.

Flash points is a project that represent the tendency of evaporation and the safety of petroleum products. The danger level of oil is divided according to flash point, the Flash point below 45℃ is called flammable; Flash point above 45℃ is called Combustible goods. It is forbidden that to heat oil to its flash point during storage operation, The highest temperature of heating should be 20~ 30℃ lower than the Flash point.

In the using of oil, flash point is also important, For example, when the flash point of internal combustion engine oil is significantly reduced, means the internal combustion engine oil is already diluted by fuel, should do the maintenance and oil change to engine.