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What Does Car Engine Tuning Refers To?
Mar 30, 2017

What does car engine tuning refers to?

Engine power, economy and emissions quality are determined by the combustion process, is simply made by mixing oil and gas (air/fuel ratio) and timing (common-rail diesel engines is the fuel injection timing, pressure, etc) to decide. The same engine, its characteristic curve (throttle all speed max) can be carried out by technicians in accordance with practical requirements during the development phase adjustment of diesel engine performance test I have come into contact with, for example, allowed only within each needs to change the speed of the maximum limit value of the fuel can be the maximum torque required power output.

Modern basic to achieve full electronic control of the engine, the so-called front said the adjustment is aimed at adjusting some of the key parameters (similar to programming changes in the value of the variable). "Computer" should be updated to be exact in the ECU control parameters. Engine development process is full of balance, many fail to take into account performance under all working conditions, for different application models, and technology costs, fuel consumption, emissions and other factors, makes the same engine performance different.

Using the same or similar hardware configurations can make their performance is consistent. But changing the engine configuration to be carried out on the engine again after a number of tests and careful adjustments to ensure a stable engine performance as well as reliability and durability standards, rather than simply add a memory can improve computer speed. Bad turbocharger matching can also lead to engine performance even worse than the original. I didn't touch the car industry, so in practice it is easy to implement is not known.

A friend of mine asked Engine Tuning process, non-professional conversion workshop operation I am not sure, do not suggest that you go, because when an engine design that must consider the models of adaptation and later upgraded, but after the performance development machine for a long time is needed to verify its reliability and durability.