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The Viscosity Index (VI) shows What Kind Of Performance Of Oil?
Sep 19, 2017

The viscosity index (VI) shows what kind of performance of oil?


The degree of Oil viscosity varies with temperature, and the degree of the standard oil viscosity varies with temperature, The relative value between these two indexes is the viscosity index. 

The higher the viscosity index, the lower the effect of temperature on oil products, The better the viscosity-temperature performance. 

The viscosity index can generally be achieved by using GB/T1995 or GB/T 2541 through the kinematic viscosity of oil product with 40℃ or 100℃.

It is necessary to note that the viscosity index can only indicate the gentle degree of tviscosity-temperature curve from the normal temperature to 100℃. 

It does not necessarily indicate the viscosity of oil in lower temperature.