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The Addition Standard Of Additives For High Quality Lubricating Oil
Aug 09, 2017

The addition standard of additives for High quality lubricating oil

"Does the lubricant need additives?"Answer is very clear, the modern lubricants need/detergent additives, antioxidant additive, make corruption and other kinds of additives to cooperate base oil, additives meet the requirements of modern high performance engines, but the finished oil still need extra additives?

The problem has to look at the engine's job requirements, and the role of modern engine oil includes lubrication, sealing, cooling and cleaning. It requires lubricating oil to be best in all respects: anti-wear, anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, cleaning/dispersivity, etc. For example, a kind of oil has super anti-wear performance, but the oxidation resistance is poor, it's easy to oxidation, produce sediment, acid content, such as blocking filter, burn out the piston parts, bearings, or corrode parts.

So the API and the American market manufacturers association and the European automobile manufacturers association have formulated the quality grade classification of lubricants according to the age and the oil of the engine.

In high quality lube, each additive has the optimal amount, and there is an optimal balance between various additives.

For example, the sulphide can reduce wear, but the wear resistance decreases when the added amount exceeds a certain value; Friction modifier can reduce friction coefficient between friction surface, but excessive amount of adding can damage the friction performance of the temperature clutch.

Due to the large amount of scientific research expenses invested by the lubricating oil companies every year, study the additives and the additive proportion to develop the formula of high quality lubricating oil.