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Dec 26, 2016

Cellulose more stable under alkaline conditions, hydrolysis under acid conditions, so wash cotton clothes accessories should choose the weakest of reduction of synthetic detergents or SOAP.
Wool and silk protein is the main component, which can be hydrolyzed under acidic or alkaline conditions, so the clothes for washing wool and silk, it is best to use a neutral detergent.
Material shrinkage
Lining in water in the soaking or washing dry Hou sometimes will occurred size of changes said shrink. This is because lining fiber full absorption water Shi, water molecular into fiber internal makes fiber volume expansion, due to fiber diameter increased of more, and length increased of less, so fiber woven of yarn variable rough, in lining in the of bent degree increased, forced lining contraction. addition, in textile processing process in the fiber yarn had times was stretch, soaking or washing Shi fiber yarn to gradually recovery undisturbed, is lining contraction of reasons. cotton, MA, silk, hair, viscose woven of lining of shrink rate big, synthetic woven of lining shrink rate small .