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RF1035 Thioether And Phenolic Ester Type Antioxidant
Dec 11, 2017

RF1035 Thioether and Phenolic Ester Type Antioxidant



●Product Introduction

RF1035 is a Thioether and Phenolic Ester Type Antioxidant, low toxicity, can be used for stability in easy thermo-oxidative degradation of polymers and other organic materials. It is widely used in polyolefin, elastomers (EPDM), petroleum products and so on. In the field of lubricating oils, it has excellent compatibility with other additives and outstanding oxidation resistance when applicating in higher conditions. Especially when used with amine type antioxidants, it can effectively control the increase of oil viscosity and decrease the deposit formation. It’s widely used in high-grade ICE oil. And it also has good effect in industrial lubricating oils. The general dosage in oil is 0.1~0.5%.


●Product Technical Index


Typical Value

Test Method


White or mild yellow powdered crystal

Visual Inspection

Melting Point, ℃



Ash Content, m%



S Content, m%


ASTM D1552


●Package, Storage and Transportation

The product is packed in 25kg paper-plastic compound bags or 25kg carton barrels with plastic bag lining or customized with the requirements of clients.

Suitable for various modes of transport.

The product can’t be exposure or high temperature, should be stored in ventilating cool dry place. The storage temperature should not surpass 45℃. And the shelf life of product is 2 years.