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NEW PRODUCT! RF1109C High Base Alkyl Calcium Salicylate
Mar 14, 2018

RF1109C High Base Alkyl Calcium Salicylate

●Product Introduction

Medium Base Alkyl Calcium Salicylate is a kind of lubricant additive with a comprehensive performance and wide application. This product has excellent acid neutralization capacity, high temperature detergency, hydrolytic stability, and has good antioxidant, corrosion resistance, also with a light color. It is widely used in the gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, and marine oil.


●Product Technical Index



Test Method


Brown Clear Liquid

Visual Inspection

Flash Point (COC), ℃


GB/T3536, ASTM D92

Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/s


GB/T265, ASTM D445

Density (20℃), kg/m3


GB/T2540, ASTM D4052

Total Base Number, mgKOH/g


SH/T0251, ASTM D2896

Ca Content, m%


GB/T17476,SH/T0270, SH/T0297, ASTM D4951

Water Content, m%


GB/T260, ASTM D95

Mechanical Impurities, m%


GB/T511, ASTM D473


●Package, Storage and Transportation 

The product is packed with iron drums with 200kg, or other packing methods consulting with clients.

Suitable for container transport and truck transport. The temperature of storage shall not exceed 45℃.

This product is not flammable, explosive, non-corrosive, in the safety, environmental protection, use and other aspects of the general petroleum products, without special protection. Avoid contact with strong oxidant, The shelf life of product is 2 years.

Avoid contact with eyes or skin. In case of contact, wash immediately with potable water and detergent.