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Lubricant Industry Terminology
Jul 31, 2017

Lubricant industry terminology

(1) Lubricant (润滑剂) added to the two relative movement between the surface can reduce the friction, reduce the wear and tear of the material.

(2) Lubricating oil (润滑油) is refined oil that mainly used to reduce the relative friction between the surface.

(3) Base oil (基础油) is the refined oil used to produce lubricants and other products, which can be used alone or in admixture with other oils or additives.

(4) Synthetic lubricants (合成润滑剂) is the lubricant that made by the chemical method.

(5) Grease(润滑脂), A stable solid or semi-solid product consisting of dispersing the thickener in a liquid lubricant, which can be added to additives and fillers intended to improve certain properties.

(6) Mineral oil (矿物油) is naturally occurring, or from the treatment of other mineral raw materials, mainly by the combination of various hydrocarbons in the mixture.

(7) Used Oil (用过油) used during the use of certain properties have changed (whether it is suitable for its original purpose) of the oil.

(8) Pertolatum (矿脂) A semi-solid greasy material derived from fine residue. The trade name is Vaseline.

(9) Bottoms (Residue) (渣油) distillation products left behind the bottom.

(10) Crude oil (原油) directly exploit from the wells, mainly is liquid or semi-solid substances that composed of various hydrocarbons.

(11) Naphthenic Base Crude (环烷基原油) is a crude oil that containing low wax content and viscosity, high asphaltene content. Also known as pitch-based crude oil.

(12) Paraffinic Base Crude (石蜡基原油) is a crude oil with high wax content and glial, but less asphaltene.

(13) Mixed Base Crude (混合基原油) Crude oil between cycloalkyl and paraffin base, also known as intermediate base oil.

(14) Sulfuric Crude oil (含硫原油) is the crude oil that generally refers to the sulfur content of more than 0.5%.

(15) Distillate (馏分) refers to the atmospheric or vacuum distillation of oil, its the product that get from Condensed petroleum hydrocarbon steam.