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Lubricant Additive Multiple Viscosity Levels
Aug 28, 2017

 lubricant additive Multiple viscosity levels

Silicone oil, in addition to viscosity-temperature performance, there are some special properties.

Thermal stability: silicone oil has good thermal stability, especially phenyl content of higher phenyl methyl silicone oil; in the silicone oil molecules can be introduced into the phenyl group to increase its thermal stability, the greater the content of phenyl, thermal decomposition temperature The higher the higher. Electrical properties: silicone oil volume resistance and dielectric loss is very good, and its electrical performance by the temperature and frequency is very small, is a good insulating material.

In addition, ① surface tension is small, in the metal and non-metallic materials on the infiltration is good; ② non-toxic, no stimulation; ③ with a variety of materials, good adaptability; ④ strong compressibility, due to large gap between molecules, Outside the larger pressure; ⑤ good optical performance.

Sum up the advantages and disadvantages of silicone oil:

Advantages: ① a lot of viscosity levels can be applied; ② in all lubricants silicone oil in the best viscosity performance; ③ have a good thermal oxidation stability; ④ low temperature fluidity excellent; ⑤ even low viscosity products, ⑧ high corrosion point; ⑦ with the sealing material, plastic, paint can be adapted; ⑧ corrosion resistance, hydrolytic stability and mineral oil similar; ⑨ high chemical stability; ⑩ excellent electrical properties, volume Resistance and high dielectric strength; small water absorption.

Disadvantages: ① low surface tension, good temperature performance; ② in the mixed lubrication state, poor lubrication; ③ the lowest load capacity (anti-wear and anti-abrasion), and can not use additives to improve; ④ with mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbons , Ester oil, polyphenylene ether and perfluoroether oil is not miscible; ⑤ higher prices.

The above characteristics, the decision of the main use of silicone oil is: military industry and cutting-edge technology of the instrument oil, damping oil, special hydraulic oil, anti-radiation oil, high and low temperature grease, etc .; petroleum industry defoamers, Special media isolation, flocculant, etc .; food industry defoamers, release agent; In addition, the damping grease, electrical insulation grease, damping fluid, but also inseparable from the silicone oil.