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Lubricant Additive Improve The Lubricant
Jun 06, 2017

Lubricant Additives, refers to the addition of one or more compounds in the lubricant to give the lubricant some new properties or to improve some of the properties already present in the lubricant. The role of additives is to improve the performance of base oils and to add new properties. Existing properties include: viscosity, viscosity index, pour point and oxidation resistance. New features include: cleaning and suspension capacity, abrasion resistance and corrosion inhibition.

Most of the base oil produced by industrial distillation is relatively high in wax content. If the crude oil is directly used to produce the internal combustion engine oil, it is added to the locomotive tank. The pour point is higher. In the cold regions of the country, the winter temperature is relatively low, the wax is very low Easy to crystallization, resulting in oil curing does not flow, making the locomotive start difficult, the light produced a lot of waste gas residue, severe damage to the engine, causing wear and tear, the final locomotive will be a serious failure, it must be added to reduce the concentration of additives.

In the south of China, due to the rainy weather, the moisture and oxygen in the air into the oil, is the bubble, making the oil pressure is unstable, and the bubbles in the oil is easy to lubricate enough to cause sintering, it must also join Anti-bubble additives. And water and oil is also easy to form emulsion, resulting in poor oil flow, which requires the addition of anti-emulsifier.

If the oil work in harsh environments, the dust in the air is also easy to enter the oil, attached to the metal surface caused by wear and tear, must be added to the clean dispersant, so that mixed dissolved, scattered.

Some long-term use of oil in the humid air, it is easy to cause corrosion, oil must be able to rust, which will add anti-rust additives. Oil in the storage and use is also very easy to contact with the air caused by oxidation, some oil also requires a certain shelf life, which is necessary to join the antioxidant preservatives, these are necessary to add, otherwise the oil is very easy Corruption and failure, the service life is very short, resulting in waste of resources.

Also in some special applications, such as the pressure lubrication of the gear, the need to add extreme pressure anti-wear additives to resist the extreme pressure under the friction and impact load, improve the oil level. And if it is copper or copper alloy lubrication, because some of the oil additives will be acidic, resulting in corrosion of copper, then also add anti-corrosion agent. Also in the oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and compressor oil needs to meet the requirements of high and low temperature, also need to add viscosity index improver.

Lubricant additives for oil is also indispensable, adding the right additives can greatly improve the performance of base oil, and oil longer life, and achieved great economic and social benefits.

Foreign equipment can not be replaced by domestic oil is not the main reason for the refining of base oil differences, but the lack of additives. If a product engineer as a lubricant company does not add additives to the company's oil, it is a huge waste of resources and an irresponsible job. It can be said that both the use of modern industrial machinery, automotive, marine, aerospace lubricants must be added to the appropriate additives, understanding of lubricants additives and learning its performance is very important.