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Lubricant Additive Improve Its Use Performance
Oct 20, 2017

 lubricant additive Improve its use performance

Lubricant additives for the general use of lubricants products require a wide range, and very strict, even after deep refining and fractions blending, it is difficult to fully meet the requirements of product standards. As a result, various types of additives are often added to the oil to improve their performance. The quality of the lubricating oil, in addition to the composition and nature of the base oil, depends largely on the variety and quality of the additives and the compatibility between them. Therefore, high-quality lubricants generally use composite additives. Lubricant additives according to the function of the main points are clean dispersant, antioxidant, anti-corrosion agent, oil agent, antioxidant and metal deactivator, viscosity index improver, rust inhibitor, pour point depressant, anti- Foaming agent and anti-emulsifier 10 types. Lists the commonly used lubricants additive classification and role and application of objects. And the internal combustion engine lubricants related to the additives to do a detailed description of clean dispersant clean dispersant can also be broken down into detergents, dispersants, it is the lubricant used in the largest and most important one of the additives, it is necessary engine oil Of the additive. The detergent is a kind of surface active substance which can prevent or inhibit the oxidation of the oil to produce the sediment under the high temperature operation condition of the engine, and it can adsorb the solid particulate contaminant in the oil and suspend the pollutant on the oil surface, To ensure that the oil used to participate in the lubrication cycle is clean to reduce the formation of high temperature and film. The dispersant is able to adsorb the sludge formed at a lower operating temperature, prevent it from condensing into sludge deposits and disperse it, and suspend it in the oil so that it can be filtered out during the oil cycle. Clean dispersant is their general term, it also has a washing, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion and other functions. Therefore, also known as multi-effect additives. In a certain sense, the quality of lubricating oil, the main difference in resistance to high and low temperature sediment and the formation of the performance of the film can also be said to show the performance of the liquid in the lubricating oil and the amount of added, can be seen clean and scattered Agent on the quality of lubricating oil has an important impact.

(1) detergent detergent in the lubricating oil played a major role in acid, solubilization and dispersion of sludge role. Cleaners are mostly metal organic compounds, representative of the metal-type detergent for sulfonates, phenates and salicylates. At present, most of the metal-type detergents used abroad are overbased. Alkaline detergents are generally dispersed in calcium carbonate and calcium hydroxide in neutral metal detergents. Among them, the main use of the detergent - sulfonate, the base value of 300mgKOH / g or more, and sodium salicylate base has been developed to 340mgKOH / g. Sulfonate additives are easy to obtain, low cost, and the use of performance can adapt to a variety of different requirements, so the development of fast, widely used to form a low, medium and high base and barium, calcium, magnesium different metal series Products. With the development of the economy, the use of sulfonate metal detergents will be more extensive, some high alkali value, high performance products will come out one after another.