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Lubricant Additive Effect Of Filler On Friction Properties
Jul 18, 2017

 lubricant additive Effect of Filler on Friction Properties

Effect of Filling on Tribological Properties of Polytetrafluoroethylene Filled Products under Dry and Oil Lubrication Conditions 52100 steel ring on the grinding, respectively, in the dry and liquid paraffin lubrication under the elbow 5, type testing machine on the friction characteristics of the study. The morphology of the ground and debris was observed with a scanning electron microscope (TEM) and an optical microscope. The results show that there is no lubrication condition and different filler varieties. The friction properties of the 1-filled product have a great influence on the friction performance under dry friction conditions to a large extent depending on the uniformity and thickness of the transfer film. When the transfer film has good uniformity and proper thickness, 1 exhibits excellent frictional properties. If there is liquid wax lubrication conditions than dry friction when there is a better friction performance that its friction coefficient will drop the order of magnitude, wear rate decreased by 3 orders of magnitude. Using 31 pairs of wear surface observation found in the liquid wax lubrication under the fatigue cracking is due to liquid wax, 1 micro-cracks absorbed and infiltration. The generation and development of fatigue cracks leads to fatigue wear of the filled product. Therefore, under the liquid wax lubrication, the friction properties of a 1-filled product are mainly dependent on, 5; compatibility between the resin and the inorganic filler, there is good compatibility with excellent frictional properties.

And the friction and wear mechanism of the composites under oil lubrication were discussed.

Test raw materials Liquid paraffin Chemical reagent preparation Sample sample 31l After cooling to room temperature, it made 18 kinds of pure PTFE test strips.

2.3 test on the test machine. The material of the grinding steel ring is human 15152100, the outer diameter of the steel ring is small 49.2 claw, thick 13.0, 90018, the abrasive paper is polished to the surface roughness such as = 151, the test strip is polished with the 1.800 sandpaper to the surface roughness 1 = 0.20.4, the friction and wear test was carried out at room temperature and air conditions of 3540 ° C for 30 min. The sliding speed was 1.52.5 mS and the load was 10012001. Before the test, the steel ring and the test strip should be washed with acetone and dried in the air. Test the weight loss after friction is the amount of wear, weighing accuracy to 0 ..

A variety of recipe samples to be a test strip, take the test of the average friction coefficient and the average wear and tear, their relative error should be controlled at 10 and 5 respectively.

The transfer film of the composite to the steel ring surface was observed with an optical microscope.

3 results and discussion of various inorganic fillers in! Resin in the addition ratio of 30, the above 17 kinds of fillers and 1 powder mixed in the press after the mold in the mold applied 5,3 pressure, pressed into 12.3, l.PTFE added CFGFPTW after the friction coefficient slightly material Dry state dry state under the friction coefficient of friction under the rate of ⑴ rate ⑵ under the friction coefficient of 3 compensation 膣 liquid wrong lubrication, under the wear rate of the ultimate load rate ⑷ charge ⑴ Note l and 2 sliding speed 1.5mS, load 100N 3 and 4 sliding speed 2.5,8, load hinge 5 5 sliding speed 2.58 wear speed unit 106 team 1 813203 after its friction coefficient has little effect.

Pure, 1 of the wear rate of up to 1427.4106 down, but different types of fillers have a greater decline in the ratio of the difference, such as the heart of the four teams down the ratio of 10132, 3 Sun is much larger, of which 13,4 Less wear effect is the best.

3 There is no relationship between the friction coefficient after adding PTFE and the reduction of the wear rate. If the friction coefficient after adding the team is increased compared with the pure play, the wear rate of the composite is only 1323 pure PTFE.