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Innocuous Exterior Cleaning Agent Masterbatch
Dec 26, 2016

pecial features:
1, quickly cleaning the exterior walls of all kinds of oil, such as oil, mineral oil, mineral oil, petroleum, petroleum products, mixing oils, organic oils, edible oils, animal fats, vegetable oils, essential oils, silicone oils and other oils.
2, rapid cleaning exterior stains, such as industrial pollution, life and nature to form the old dirt, sludge, old stains, old old stains, industrial stains, dirt, civilian life dirt environment, heavy oil stains, stains and other stains.
3, quickly cleaning the exterior walls of the various acid scale, scale, musty old pollution.
4, acidic, low foam, acid and alkali resistance, resistance to hard water.
Method of use:
About innocuous exterior cleaning agent masterbatch 0.2-2% dissolved into the water, can dissolve completely after use.