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How Does The Moisture In The Oil Affect The Lubricant Quality?
Sep 28, 2017


How does the moisture in the oil affect the lubricant quality?

Moisture is the water content in oil products, expressed as a percentage. In oils, most varieties are only allowed to have water traces (water content is 0.3%), and some oils do not allow have moisture.

Because water can emulsify the lubricating oil, and decompose the additives, To promote the oxidation of oil products and enhance the corrosion of LMWOA (The low molecular weight organic acids) to the mechanical, influence the low temperature fluidity of oil products.

The source of moisture in the oil is mainly has two: The water that came into because of container is not tightly sealed or the condensate water that because of container breathes into, There are also may because of the transfer equipment and storage containers are not clean.