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How Does The Lubricants Works In The Middle Of The Axis Of Rotation During The High Temperature Of Jet Engine?
Mar 22, 2017

It is as same as general mechanical structure, the rotating parts and bearings for static are connected. the mounted on a stationary bearing are installed on the bearing outer ring where the ducts can inject oil/grease for bearings. the oil system is a circular system where the oil can be recycled. the temperature of bearings is not so high. but due to the high speed which is thousands of rotate, the bearings can be heated to a very high temperature. Thus the oil and gas can be mixed. And this is why the oil system must be recycled constantly.

The lubricant oil system is a very key part of the whole engine. On the one hand, it can provide the lubricant for the rotation part, which can lower the abrasion to ensure the long life of the engine. On the other hand, the whold oil system/lubricant system is a recycled system. The oil can flow ceaselessly during the oil tank and lubricant parts, thus it cooling the system and take the debris and abrasive particles away. So when the engine test is coming, the first thing to check oil/lubricant system. Once the system is invalid, it would be an disaster for the whole engine, what is more worse is that it can threaten the the security of the engine operation. The temperature of combustor is 2000K, well the lubricant parts, such as bearing parts, gears, and etc. are not directly contacted with the high temperature part, the the temperature are not higher than 2000K. generally, when the engine operates for a while to heat the engine, the temperature of oil are 100℃. It does not exclude other different types of oils.