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Engine Oil Additive Method Of Operation
Jun 22, 2017

Engine Oil Additive Method of operation

Operation method editing

Before filling the proposed first to clean up the parts, and then, let go of old oil, replace the new oil filter, add a new oil and a certain amount of engine protection agent, check the oil level is standard.

Various parts of the situation:


The engine is best at a higher temperature (or hot car 5 minutes later) to replace the new oil, then add a certain amount of engine protection agent. Join the driving after 3-5 minutes that can feel extra large horsepower output super cool feeling (add the ratio: 5%)


If the gear is not smooth or there is noise, please go to the gear oil to add engine protection agent, add the obvious after you can feel the noise reduction and smooth gear (add the ratio: 4%)

automatic transmission

To the automatic transmission to add engine protection agent, can make the power transmission to achieve 100% of the perfect effect, and after adding to reduce the vibration generated when the speed, and the acceleration of the jump file when the file quickly (add the ratio: 1%

Related data editing

Indicator results

Pour point -20oF (-29oC)

Friction coefficient <0.068

Color white translucent

Separation coefficient 0

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) developed by level H1

Engine protection agent can also be used as: fluorine lubricants, engine care solution, engine anti-wear agent, engine additives, anti-wear additives, engine care solution, engine anti-wear agent, oil synergist, oil protection agent, , Oil additives and other use.

Recent Developments Editors

American Argonne National Laboratory has been on the graphene to reduce the coefficient of friction done system experiments, containing a small amount of graphene solution drops to the contact between the two steel can be. With the relative movement between the contact surfaces, the graphene is uniformly and firmly attached to the entire contact surface. The graphene forms a protective layer on the friction surface of the steel. The wear is reduced by four orders of magnitude and the coefficient of friction is reduced to 1/6 The The surface modified graphene microchip is dispersed into the lubricating base oil or compound additive, and finally the energy saving and anti-wear improver is produced to improve the lubricating quality.

Through the electron microscopy micro-modifier improver effect of more than 500 km mileage of the car engine bearing, did not produce any bad wear, and found in the bearing pad friction surface to form a protective film, and help reduce the friction coefficient of nano-sphere, Sliding friction rolling friction, greatly reducing the friction loss.