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Engine Oil Additive Additive Content
Jun 06, 2017

Motor Protector (Motor Protector), also known as oil additives, is designed specifically for the engine design of professional additives. The engine protectant can effectively lubricate the engine, enhance the oil quality and durability, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the engine. Lubricants in the additive content, is to meet the minimum requirements of the API as the standard (the best mass production price), not the best results for the design standards, the highest level of lubricants can not be directly used for off-road rally or F1 equation. Through the use of oil additives, the performance of the oil to the top of the state, but also added graphene, organic molybdenum and other lubricants due to the price is too high can not add expensive components. Usually only rally, the equation, pay attention to the maintenance of car owners will use such products.

60% of the engine failure is caused by wear and tear, more than 30% of the energy consumption is caused by friction. The ability to permanently protect the engine and maximize the potential of the engine to attack the engine has long been a hot topic for top scientific research institutes and a dream for all mechanical engineers. Engine protection agent, its appearance so that the engine life has been doubled, so that mechanical engineers dream come true.

Protect the engine, drastically reduce wear, prevent engine overheating, extend engine life;

Enhance the comprehensive performance of lubricants, synthetic oil and mineral oil have significantly improved.

Enhance the engine power and fuel economy, so that the engine running more smoothly, more quiet;

Clean the engine to prevent carbon deposition;

In the 1960s, RTVanderbilt began to study organic molybdenum compounds, is the world's first and most professional organic molybdenum research institutions, molybdenum alloy protective layer and hexagonal crystal film at high temperature (1200 degrees), ultra-low temperature, high speed, Under the conditions of excellent lubrication performance, can significantly reduce the friction inside the engine, significantly improve the oxidation resistance of lubricating oil, effectively inhibit the oxidation of lubricating oil degradation, while reducing the formation of high temperature sediment and low temperature sludge, the formation of super-strong engine Integrated protection.