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Difficulties In The Development Of Shale Gas In China
Jun 05, 2017

1. Shale gas exploration and development technology blank

China now has only a few shale gas wells, there is not a development of shale gas reservoir, so for shale gas resources, reserves, yield can only be predicted, can not give a more rational scientific basis. The key technology of shale gas development consists of horizontal well (well group) drilling and completion technology system, piecewise multistage fracturing technology system and micro-seismic monitoring technology system. The existing horizontal well drilling technology in China can not fully meet the requirement of drilling and completion of shale gas horizontal well, and the multistage fracturing technology and supporting tools in horizontal wells still need to be introduced, research and development, testing and evaluation, shale pressure crack extension law, fracturing scale optimization, yield prediction, and so on, still need to be improved, the use of micro-seismic monitoring of fracturing effect of testing equipment, construction technology and evaluation methods in China is still blank. In a way, the research on the exploration and Development technology of shale gas in China has a great gap, and the blank filling still takes some time.

2. Mining cost control

Shale gas is a kind of unconventional gas with long mining cycle and high mining. China's shale gas geological background is complex, is still in the technical critical stage, the early evaluation of high cost, scientific and technological research into a large, coupled with China's gas reservoir generally buried deep, drilling costs are high. At present, shale gas exploration and mining technology in the United States is more mature, China's early mining shale gas is bound to introduce advanced technology and equipment in the United States, in a single big case, the U.S. technology and equipment introduction costs will be higher, which will affect the exploration and development of shale gas in China.

3. Balance of resources and environment

The United States populated, flat terrain, rich water, convenient transportation, drilling before the workload is small, conducive to shale gas development. And China's shale gas resources rich in Sichuan, Guizhou, Chongqing and other regions, densely populated, high topography, more geological disasters, and fracturing well field covers a large area, if the future development well position is more dense, artificial pry easily triggered landslides and other geological disasters. And the development of shale gas is mainly used hydraulic fracturing method, every time the hydraulic fractured rock strata need tens of thousands of tons of water, China is an energy shortage of developing countries, can not repeat the first pollution of the developed countries of the old way of governance. Therefore, how to achieve harmonious and sustainable development of resources and environment is an urgent problem to be solved. The exploitation of shale gas in the face of huge environmental risks, its development of large water consumption, pollution of groundwater, which means that the possible high environmental costs. Because of the externality of environmental cost, it is impossible for enterprises to take the initiative to bear these costs, and the environmental cost of government will be internalization. How to solve these problems in China should be rainy day. Before the large-scale development of shale gas, the environmental risk should be evaluated, the corresponding protection framework should be established, and the implementation should be ensured.

4. Difficulties in development and management of shale gas

There is little controversy about how to develop the shale gas industry in China, but there are a lot of questions about the development and management of shale gas. The management of shale gas resources in China has just begun, the development and management of shale gas face some difficulties: shale gas resources planning, strategy and policy research is not deep enough, lack of corresponding management system, shale gas resources survey input is less, the work level is low, the information information lacks the unified standard management technical platform.