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Detergent TBN Booster Effective Decomposition
Jun 22, 2017

Detergent TBN Booster Effective decomposition

Wash dishes for use

First, the dishwasher in the washing why use a special detergent

Because ordinary detergent in the washing will generally produce foam, the resulting foam will make the dishwasher water overflow to the dishwasher floor, causing the dishwasher to automatically shut down, affecting the operation of the dishwasher and washing effect. Special detergent is produced in accordance with national standards with non-toxic, low foam and other requirements of the detergent, suitable for dishwashers dedicated. At the same time special detergent on the oil decomposition capacity is very good, can effectively break down the surface of the tableware oil.

Second, the dishwasher detergent is divided into three categories:

1. Washing powder (washing powder)

Function: penetrate and remove stubborn stains, such as charred sauce, charred cheese, grunge and egg stains, make the dishes back clean and shiny. This effect is the same as usual washing our dishes, but the dishwasher must With a dedicated, and a good horse with a good saddle.

2. Rinseant Rinse is a weak acid detergent

Role: to prevent water points, water marks, scale in the dishwasher glass and the formation of the inner wall to speed up the drying speed of the dishes.With the role of rinse lotion is very bright after washing, this effect is to remove the scale in the tableware on the formation.

3. Dedicated salt

Role: soften the water quality, most of the domestic water is very hard, more impurities, long-term use of hard water will cause the sandwiches inside the calcite precipitation, which is home and the water bottle in the same scale, the dishwasher internal structure is complex Kettle so clean, it can only from the beginning when the softening of water purification, which is the role of salt.

Third, introduce a little trick

In general, the dishwasher needs to use special dishwashing powder, but if you can not buy a special dishwashing powder, and ordinary detergent due to the large number of bubbles can not use the dishwasher, you can take the following methods:

If the temporary lack of dishwashing powder, rinse can be used to eat soda ash and edible white vinegar instead of dishwashing powder, rinse agent, use and dishwashing powder, rinse agent is basically the same, edible white vinegar can be increased to increase the tableware finish, consumption of white vinegar Adjustment: usually every 5 to 6 ml, the use of edible soda ash and edible white vinegar washed out of the bowl and the use of dishwashing powder, rinse off the bowl as smooth.

Super concentrated powder

Is the liquid detergent upgrade products, the use of new imported high-efficient cleaning factor raw materials, high content, no phosphorus, environmental activators, additives and other made. With high concentration, low cost, easy storage and transportation, to oil strong, rich and rich foam, do not stimulate the skin does not hurt the hand, no deterioration and so on. Not only efficient washing utensils, fruits and vegetables, but also for hand washing, laundry, ground walls, public facilities cleaning. It changes the traditional detergent are liquid, the amount of large, high cost, easy to change back to the thin, turbidity and other characteristics, the product does not have the traditional detergent technology must be 6501, AES, sodium and other raw materials. Production costs only 0.20 ~ 0.50 yuan, is the best of today's upgrading products. This powder and can be used as a disposable detergent, laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, decontamination liquid, car wash liquid, shower gel and other liquid detergent products. ----- China, to be real real, no moisture, no false.