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Classification Of Detergents
Dec 26, 2016

Practice shows that fabrics washable only anionic and non-ionic surfactants, on the fabric detergency to play a positive and effective role. So these two kinds of laundry detergent surfactants become the main material.
Detergents have good wettability (LBW-1), permeability, emulsification, dispersion (LBD-1 dispersants), increase the solubility and foaming and defoaming properties. Integration of these properties is the washing detergent. Product range of detergents, can basically be divided into soaps, synthetic detergents, liquid detergents, solid detergents and detergent paste categories.
Washing powder is an alkaline detergent, strong detergency, solubility good, easy to use, in terms of resistance to hard water, foam-rich are superior. While less expensive, which belongs to the higher cost of laundry detergent. Prolonged use of detergent can cause clothing to grayish yellow, white clothing is obvious.
Zhang Huatao, Deputy Secretary General of China washing product Association introduces detergent suitable for washing of cotton, hemp, chemical fiber and blend fabrics, not suitable for washing wool, silk and other clothing. Clothing containing proteins such as wool, silk, and detergents are alkaline, can damage clothing. Effect of washing detergent in warm water than cold water, and even dissolved in warm water, surfactant could play a more major effects. Water temperature 30-60 ℃ is appropriate.