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Celebrate Richful 2017 Technical Seminar "The Future Of Agent" Complete Succeeded!
Jul 11, 2017

On June 13, 2017, the 2017 Richful new material technical seminar "Agent the future" sponsored by Xinxiang Richful Lube Additive Co., Ltd. was held in Jiaozuo Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area!


Mr. Qiao Qingwen was the host of metting, and The president of Richful Mr. Guo Chunxuan did the opening speech, 15 experts and more than 300 participants attended the seminar. Had an in-depth exploration about The current situation, common problems and development trend of domestic lubricants and additives.


At 9:30 on the 13th, the guests arrived at Richful company headquarters, to understand more about Richful from 

raw materials, production, research and development, quality inspection, testing and other aspects during the visting.

The vice president of Richful Mr. Ma Zhenfang, and Mr. Qiao Qingwen accompanied by a visit 

and introduce in detail of Richful company.


At 13:00 on the 13th, the meeting was held in Galaxy Garden Hotel of Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area.

Richful company development introduced by Mr. Qiao Qingwen, and Each expert talked about the different topic on meeting, include Development and Development Trend of Engine Oil;

Introduction to engine oil technology;

Development Trend and R&D of Engine Oil for Passenger Car;

Introduction of vehicle lubricating oil;

Development Trend of Lubricant Additives;

Current Situation and Trend of Industrial Lubricants;

New specifications and common problems of engine oil;

Richful Lube additives development.

The brilliant speech by guests made an animated atmosphere at the scene.


At 19:30, the song and dance dinner party organized by Richful began, the lucky draw activities let everyone enthusiastic! 


June 14, after the end of the intense meeting, the guests came to 5A level scenic spots, the National Geological Park Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area, this beautiful trip drew a perfect end for the technical seminar.