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Automobile Engines Nano-Function Material
Feb 25, 2017

Product Detail

Basic Info

Type:Oil additive


Certification:SAE, ACEA


Application:Industrial Lubricant, Automotive Lubricant, Marine

Product Description


Grinding machinery, drilling machinery, power generation equipment, ships, internal combustion engines, loaders, conveyors, elevators, gear, turbine generators, machine tools, lathes, cutting, drilling, etc., need to operate industrial machinery lubrication equipment. 


over based synthetic calcium sulfonate is patent product developed by our company. This product has excellent alkaline storage property, good oil solubility and strong acid neutralization capacity. it also has excellent high-temperature detergency and thermal stability. 

Instructions for use

1, the product at a weight ratio of 4% -8% by adding lubricant to use; 

2, the equipment required for normal maintenance, pay attention to add oil to its normal position; 

3, the product ban and other additives, anti-wear agents mixed use; 

4, the product of industry use, Do not add to motor vehicle use; 

Product features and effects

1, the surface penetration protection, Improve mechanical 

Surface hardness, Extend the mechanical life; 

2, the restraining effect of oil oxidation time, Increase oil life; 

3, strong high activity, affinity, Increased lubricant film thickness, 

Improve oil film bearing capacity, To improve the mechanical properties; 

4, reducing friction function, Reduce friction between parts, 

6% -20% energy savings;  to extend machine life, Improve economic efficiency; 

5, to reduce noise and vibration generated by the equipment; 

6, machining parts (turning, milling, drilling, etc. ) by the product processing, extended service life.