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2017 Lubricants Companies If Not Going Forward, Are Going Backward
Jul 19, 2017

2017 Lubricants companies if not going forward, are going backward

In 2016, the entire Chinese economic environment in a low state of wandering. Although the beginning of the year for the structure, to the production capacity of the suspect is higher than the economic expectations, but to the fourth quarter, with the steel, coal and other industries there is a significant increase in the price of the trend, the demand for oil is also signs of growth, Achievements are becoming more and more effective

Lubricants industry is facing a "baptism" Experienced nearly two years of decline in demand, sales decline test, more and more oil companies in the huge pressure of survival, and constantly looking for new development path; more and more aware that to seize the customer is the survival and development of enterprises The fundamental.

Perhaps from this point of view, slowing the rhythm for the lubricants business is a good thing, forcing us to think about how to achieve in the Internet era of new breakthroughs, more down to do a good job products and services. The development of the enterprise is increasingly associated with the customer's feelings. This is a time for the customer to decide everything. Customer evaluation determines the customer's choice, the enterprise no other way, must learn to face a variety of picky customers.

Internet people say that the current business if you do not do the Internet can only wait for destruction. But what dish is the real internet? Is it a few APP contact customers? Is it an e-commerce platform? The real Internet should be based on Internet thinking, customer needs and Internet applications combined to do customized services, perhaps this is the future direction of enterprise transformation and development.

In the traditional enterprise Internet development, the creation of value is the essence. Enterprises must be in the whole industry chain in the process of creating customers in order to maximize the benefits, to achieve a more comprehensive interaction with customers and contacts. As the traditional industry lubricants, can not be as other consumer goods as the majority of consumers concerned about, but as the most widely used industrial products, its customers cover the scope is the largest, the technical content is the highest.

Therefore, we are very much looking forward to the pioneer in the innovation and exploration of the Internet + Lubricant Development Model. Not only for the survival of the enterprise good development, but also hope to make some contribution to the progress of the industry.

The advent of 2017, the international economy is still changing, China's economic environment, the trend is not clear, a variety of variables more. China's oil industry and other related manufacturing industries, are in a critical period of transition. In the face of complex competitive situation, everybody knows: if not going forward, are going backwards.

Look forward to 2017 can bring us more joy, look forward to every point we can get paid returns.