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Why is lube additive important for machinery and motor, etc?
Mar 02, 2017

Why is lube additive important for machinery and motor etc


The function of lube additive is same as the hair conditioner and hand cream. Hair conditioner can form a layer of film on the surface which can avoid the friction and damage between hairs, and avoid adhesion. Also, the hand cream can separate the epidermis from the air which can protect our hand from harmful substances and also make them tender. So the role the lube additive is protecting mechanical damage and reducing the friction.

For example, when you look at a metal board with your eyes, it may looks like flat and smooth.


But how about amplifing it? Surprise! It is exactly not flat and even.


Then continue amplify it to 100 times. Wow! it seems like electrocardiogram.


Ok, let us see the whole plate in three-dimensional diagram. Unbelievable!



 The truth is there is no absolute smooth surface! But lube/oil additive can make it to a relatively smooth degree. That’s why machinery with lube/oil additive can live a longer life than those without lube/oil additive.

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