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Why car oil lubricant so black?
Mar 08, 2017

Why car oils (lubricant) so dark/black?


Why is oil just several days ago so dark/black when changing oil?

1.    When the fuel combustion in internal combustion engines is incomplete, there will be a small amount of smoke-like carbon produced.

2.    Frequent stop in the city makes the engine temperature not enough to burn a small amount of fuel oil in the cylinder, become there is a layer of sticky, pale yellow to dark brown film. And this film is mainly the products of oxidation which is not stable, further into the deep end from the color black.

3.    Because of this, motor oil must have this kind of performance: A, carbon and oxidation products of can be washed down from the cylinder wall. B, it can  be washed down as much as possible what is evenly dissolved in oil without deposits and clogging.

4.    We have seen the rendered oil black,and carbon is soluble in oil and oxidation products.

5.    Professionally the tube lubricant abilities includes: detergency, dispersing, solubilizing ability. Is the main core of lubricating performance. Why do you say that? Engine oil is not lubricant as the main role? Yes, lubrication is of course a major role, but it was too easy, without any high-tech additives, as long as oil can be done, but the three properties above is not so easy.

6.    Don't think it is time to change oil when it turns black. Because maybe it is just the childhood stages of the oil life.

7.    Here we provide you a way to distinguish the usable car oil from degenerative oil: drop a drop of oil on the paper to see the situation of oil track of diffusion, if the black deposition cannot diffuse outside with oil track edge, it means that the lubricants has lost capacity of dissolving and dispersing of carbon and oxide, so lubricants has been metamorphic, and should be immediately replaced.

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