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What is the theory of resin color developer?
Apr 28, 2017

What is the theory of resin color developer?

Isn’t it magical that when we write on the express waybill or invoice, the second , the third and the fourth paper can demonstrate the same word. Do you want to know how does it forms?

Well, the theory of resin color developer is pretty simple.

When our pen press on the top sheet forcibly, the micro capsule on the other side cracks, the ink in the microcapsules react with the color developer on the middle sheet, thus it can appear the same word with the one on the top sheet. It is same with the second and third paper.


The general colors are: black, blue, orange, green, red and purple, and etc. these colors need different color developer which is controlled by PH value. If the color developer is crystal violet lactone/CVL, the mode of the central carbon will be turned from sp3 to sp2. And the whole molecular structure will turn into planar aromatic structure. Then the colorless word turns into colored word.