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What is the formation of big scale of oil deposit ?
Apr 25, 2017

What is the formation of big scale of oil deposit ?

Have you ever seen the burning stone? The stone in the picture is a soft, black and low density stone. And it can be burned by using open fire. Isn’t it imaginable?


For a very long time, in the black dark ocean and lakes, little tiny sediment particle are stored in the water bottom—the sludge in the ocean and lakes are the original appearance of oils.

This sludge are the body of animals and plants, the tiny organic sediment are forming the first step of oil. Some turns into natural gas, meanwhile it is marsh gas, full of methane and other hydrocarbon substance.


Once the scientists dip into the deep sea, when they deep for about two hours, it is totally black, really black. When they opened the powerful searchlight, the black sea suddenly turns into bright, and there is a large number of “snow” fall down. It seems that it is snowing. Well, this is not real snow, it is the biological residue.