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Towels using washing and maintenance
Dec 26, 2016

(1) why towels will go hard
Towels to use after a period of time just because the water free of calcium and magnesium ions form calcium and magnesium with SOAP resulted on the SOAP sticking to the towel.
(2) how to make towel soft
Towel hardens washed in alkali water and cook for 10 minutes, 1.5 kg of water and 30 grams of washing soda, then you can make it soft.
(3) how to make creamy towels get cool
Towel change after the creamy hate used brine washing, and then flush with water, making it fresh.
(4) what kind of towels the easiest to breed bacteria
Used towels than many bacteria to reproduce on a certain humidity and temperature, bacteria reproduce optimum natural conditions are hot and humid.
(5) towels under what conditions the most easily damaged
Towel itself is the most delicate natural conditions and high humidity. Towel it is best to keep dry.
(6) how to wash towels
Towel washing, sterilization is the best period for a week. Towels washed clean after washing with water, then dry. In a ventilated place to dry.
(7) the best in their own towels
Towels are mostly formed by the cotton weaving, cotton in damp situations vulnerable to germs, resulting in frequent infections, so when using a towel, best personal towel only. Washing of material