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Industrial cleaning agents how to use more efficient
Dec 26, 2016

Method 1: clean method
Features: brush or cloth dipped in industrial cleaning agents to clean the oil on the surface of the workpiece. Operating flexibility, not subject to cleaning work restrictions, but required labor intensive, inefficient and not recommended for large scale use for cleaning work.
Application: for large size, few in number and structure of complex parts or surfaces.
Method 2: dip method
Features: clean the workpiece into the cleaning tank, then would dilute the cleaning mixture, oil gradually dissolved by cleaning fluid. Dipping method of cleaning effort but cleaning is not complete, if too much oil is not recommended.
Scope of application: batch cleaning, removing oil from workpieces or regular maintenance
Method 3: sprinkler law
Features: cleaning spray to surface, accelerated surface dissolved oil equipment, spray, wipe again and again until the oil is cleaned by all
Scope of application: surface cleaning of machinery and equipment, often used for cleaning "yellow"
Method 4: distillation
Features: in closed cleaning in the container. Container mounted on a low flash-point solvent-based cleaning agents, cleaning work hanging above the cleaning agent. Heated evaporating cleaner, the workpiece surface to condense into a liquid and dissolve oil.
Scope of application: surface cleaning oil for medium and small equipment, batch processing
Method 5: ultrasonic cleaning method
Features: assisting in the introduction of ultrasonic cleaning machine, can strengthen the efficiency of removing oil, shortening cleaning time, thoroughly clean oil holes, blind holes, but ultrasonic cleaning machines maintenance troubles, high costs, not recommended for small and medium enterprises.
Suitable for: large machinery equipment, precision parts, batch processing