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In order to be healthy, remember to always wash sheets
Dec 26, 2016

We do not place the bed in place near the window, that is to say, has been put in place cannot be the direct rays of the Sun, which'll sheets of some organisms to provide suitable living conditions, sheets will breed many microorganisms that cannot be observed with the naked eye, such as mites. The tiny microbes do not look small, a month after Sun or cleaning sheets, so there are millions of mites, which means that every night we will together with millions or even tens of mites to a zero-distance contact with, well, think of goose bumps.
If is skin compared easy by stimulus of people, so without asked, will occurred skin allergy, so often cleaning and drying sheets, can effective inhibit and clear microbial of breeding, using compared strong of washing of material to cleaning long single, can put long single in the of microbial large cleaning, and increased sheets of compliant degrees and comfortable sex, wash finished zhihou drying can effective killed microbial, both increased has comfortable sex and defended has itself of health, two birds with one stone.