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How to shop for washing material
Dec 26, 2016

First, check the cleanliness of washing.
Cleanliness of washing to dry cleaners is one of the most important operators purchasing methods, if low cleanliness of washing, wash clean clothing, over time have some negative effect on dry cleaning reputation, loss of customers to some extent, reduce turnover, and declining profitability.
Second, the washing of material is environmentally friendly.
Due to wash Hou of clothing is directly and consumers of skin contact of, so on washing of material of quality and environmental requirements compared high, if chemical added components high, will on consumers of skin caused must of hurt, if washing of material not environmental, in dry cleaning shop employees washing of process in the will on body caused directly of bad effect, emissions of waste on environment has pollution, is social and consumers not recognized of.
Thirdly, look at the price of washing.
When it comes to washing of material price, refers to the same piece of clothing does the cost of supplies is the lowest best. If the same piece of clothing, choose a washing material, lowest cost, benefit, this is the dry cleaning shop operators in pursuit of the best washing materials, rebone washing material is King of the dry cleaning shop operators in real value. From dry cleaning shop operators line feedback back of message, using Swiss State washing of material Hou, again also without like yiqian as forced scrub has, only need for simple of pretreatment on can has, with equivalent of washing of material, can wash out more volume of clothing, Swiss State washing of material easy rinse, washing of process in the Save hydropower, from roots Shang for dry cleaning shop operators further save has washing cost, upgrade has profit space.