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Full of laundry washing to know
Dec 26, 2016

Alkalinity high activity, strong detergency, has excellent dirt suspension capabilities, particularly suitable for washing of white fabrics heavy soils, such as tablecloths, dinner cloth, kitchen clothes and so on. Used with the emulsifier, oil is not very good. Washing temperature of 60 degrees centigrade-90 degrees centigrade
Second, bleaching washing powder
Synthetic detergent concentrate containing various surfactant, brightener and anti-fouling agents, to remove all kinds of stains with special effects and do not damage the clothes with bleach powder, water softener, emulsifying agent used is better. Wash temperature is 60-80 ℃
Three, chlorine bleach powder
For the variety of pigments with strong oxidizing, effective removal of pigment dirt is an effective bleach and disinfectant. Often used in white cotton and linen fabrics, silk and wool fabrics must not be used. Cannot be used to bleach color fabric. It must be used under alkaline conditions can play a role. Service temperature is 65-70 ℃
Four, color and bleaching powder
Used to color and sensitive to chlorine bleaching of fabrics for bleached, pigment by releasing active oxygen damage dirt, washed fabrics more vivid and bright. Color drift relative to chlorine bleach mild color fastness on fabric and strength is small.
Five, softener
Can a soft towel fabric, removal of static electricity, washing, fluffy, smooth, transfer of the most popular professional document resources, fabric, the fabric soft and pleasant, and can reduce the dehydration and drying time, leaving the fragrance. Used for towels, silk and wool fabrics and synthetic fibers. Careful not to excessive use, otherwise it will result in yellowing of fabrics, water absorption decreased. Working temperature: 45 ° c – 55 ℃, can be used together with acid, PH value is below 7, works best.