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Detergents environmental
Dec 26, 2016

We know of washing, made up of various additives in common, these additives not only can remove the stain from our clothes, can also keep clothes soft and light and bright and clean, we select the time of washing, is the effect you want.
Washing of material, we also need to mix detergent to assist when washing effect, but a lot of people think: this is a secondary chemical cleaning agent, unlike has been mixed with other substances, it will not hurt the skin? Will be harmful to the human body? Would pollute the water and so on.
In our country, advocates for environmental protection has become a policy, which are the key to the future stability and sustainable development, but also for our future living environment of mankind, so any chemicals, must undergo a rigorous inspection and control can only be for daily use. By the State under the control of a series of stringent measures, now on the market can help them know and use detergents of washing has to be kept within the scope of environmental protection, which is not only responsible for our own, more efforts on future Earth home beautiful.