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Choose Hotel detergent to see three points
Dec 26, 2016

Detergents are essential to hotels the hotel supplies, a clean, left a deep impression to the guests of the hotel, and hotel laundry detergent is what helps us realize this desire. Along with meeting health requirements increasingly Hotel detergent selection of concern are higher, then how should we pick?
1, selected mainly on the basis of fabric furniture fabric and dirt identification and determination of character. Therefore, first of all we need to know these linen material.
2, pick another factor for stains, mainly food, sweat, oils, tea stains, urine stains, fruit juice stains, skin debris, cigarette ash, such as lipstick, trash and dust. Surfactants in aqueous cleaning of dirt over alkaline for general use.
3, due to "cotton, acid, alkali", so the fabric of its requirements are often different. So it is first important to understand when you select fabric fiber component.