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can motorcycle use motor oil?
Mar 23, 2017

Can Motorcycle use motor oil?

Following is the most widely circulated of automobile engine oil not used in motorcycles:


First, Four-stroke motorcycle engines and car engines are four-stroke principle, but there are some differences between them, the oil must not be mixed, and cannot replace each other. They are of difference and has following points: a, and structure different car engine and transmission, and clutch device is separate lubrication of, crankshaft box within of oil temperature about between 75-90C; and motorcycle engine in the including wet type more tablets clutch device, and high-speed and the transmission gear, and for block institutions and piston, and cylinder, and into row valve, movement parts are in same structure body, total with same volume within of oil, and clutch device of friction tablets, and speed gear of turned will produced many of heat,  Crankcase oil in temperatures of up to 80-120. 

Second, the cooling effect is different from automobile engine oil capacity is about 5-7L, and the volume of motorcycle engine oils only about 1 l, oil, only the full flow can be brought into thermal performance.  Amount of oil has great effect on thermal performance, coupled with most motorcycles are generally air cooled the cooling effect is much colder than the tank of the car cycle, even if the water cooled machine capacity is less than the cars because of the water, and poor heat dissipation, which inevitably leads to motorcycle engine oil temperatures much higher than the temperature of the oil. 

Third, different automotive oil filter, oil filter comparison, rough filter and the fine filter, filter effect is good, while the motorcycle is quite different.  In order to reduce the total weight and volume of the motorcycle, the oil filter is simple in design, the filter effect is not surprising. 

Fourth, each power of the car's engine power is 60-80Kw/L, and 100-120Kw/L motorcycle, equivalent to 1.5 times of the car more than twice, twice times the volume/performance by motor vehicle. Motor rated speed of the engine is usually in 3000-5000R/min and motorcycle engine rated speedof about 8000-11000r/min, 50% a 120% higher than cars.  At the time of maximum power output, the speed of the motorcycle engine 10000-15000r/min, engine 4000-5000R/min, maximum of no more than 6000r/min. 

Fifth, enhanced strength due to differences in driving conditions and a variety of technical requirements, the enhanced strength of motorcycle engine 3-4 times more often than cars. Motorcycle body light, often travelling at a speed of maximum power and maximum torqueoutput, high engine temperature and wear as well.   Therefore, motorcycle work environment is much more demanding than a car. To sum up, compared to the four-stroke motorcycle engine and automobile engine, due to the differences in their structure, oil filtration and cooling effect of different on each liter capacity, enhanced strength and there is a big difference, the composed of two kinds of oil are completely different. Motorcycle oils with particular emphasis on the oil temperature resistance, excellent thermal and oxidation stability and low temperature startup, it can effectively remove deposits on engine parts to prevent oil sludge and protect the engine from damage in harsh conditions, reduce the consumption of oil, in roads and poor weather conditions, provide better protection for the engine,thus prolonging the service life of the engine. In other words, oil can ensure performance in high temperature conditions remained stable, ensuring that certain oil film thickness, ensure the reliable lubrication of the moving friction parts, motorcycle high power play. High torque and instantaneous acceleration. So, no matter what type of motor oil, motorcycle oil is the highest level meet performance requirements. Therefore, any time. Cannot under any circumstance use motor oil instead of four-stroke motorcycle engine oil.